Product Overview and Benefits

Protect your brand

health inspection monitor product dashboard

Don’t let a few bad apples negatively affect your brand. With Health Inspection Monitor’s analytics and reports you’ll be able to see which restaurants are having ongoing compliance problems and take corrective action. Automatic alerts enable you to catch important events like closures and fines when they happen.

Be proactive, not reactive

With Health Inspection Monitor’s analytics and reports you’ll be able to identify problem restaurants, spot regional trends and be armed with a holistic view of your inspection data allowing you to effectively discuss issues with inspectors and deal with trends before they become a problem.

Save time and money

Health Inspection Monitor keeps track of all public health inspection data and automatically alerts you to any new reports as soon as they are published. Staying on top of health inspections requires no manual effort saving you time and money.

Cost effective and quick to get started

Health Inspection Monitor is a software-as-a-service solution, which means there is no software to install, no hardware to purchase and no IT staff involvement required. You can be up and running and receiving health inspection alert emails and system-wide analytics in just one day. Pricing is cost effective and based on the number of restaurants being monitored.

Inspection Alert Emails

Receive alert emails when new inspection reports are published. With so many locations to track and each region publishing reports to their own website it's very difficult to stay on top of new inspections. Email alerts provide you with an automatic summary as soon as new reports are published so you can easily monitor new inspections and take action as needed.

Analytics & Reports

Built-in analytics and reports allow you to spot trends and take action. Health Inspection Monitor provides you with reports and analytics that help you stay on top of new inspections, see which restaurants have an abnormally high number of violations and keep track of which types of violations are most common.


See how you compare to your peers. Health Inspection Monitor keeps track of inspection data across a wide range of food service companies. Choose which peers you'd like to be benchmarked against and receive a detailed breakdown showing how you compare.